Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That Yummy Coat

Hey dolls so it has finally gotten pretty cold in the DMV area but no worries I have this yummy new coat to keep me warm and FAB at the same time. Fashion does not ever take a backseat to weather, you simply adjust approriately. I used to be that silly girl that would never wear outerwear then end up sick as a dog the next day wondering why.....its because you had your half naked tail outside thinking your outfit was more important then your health.....silly, silly me! I had my eye on this beautiful coat from J.Crew for the longest but was so torn between a color, the cobalt blue and/or fire engine red was calling my name from the computer screen while that other lil voice was screaming silly words like "Pick a classic black or nude you can wear with everything you color crazed woman!!" oh and that whooping price of 350 was a tad bit more than I wanted to spend so I eventually talked myself out of it. Then perusing ASOS.com I found this gorgeous swing coat for a fraction of the J.Crew beauty....SCORE! The price was so good I snagged two more equally lovely coats that I'm sure I will have plenty of chances to rock now that the weather has dropped. *all smiles* I call this the Yummy coat because not only is it warm and comfortable but also stylish and I can twirl! Starting to realize that's a slightly obsession of mine. Twirling in twirly clothes.....please don't judge LOL. Anyway I love everything about this coat so much that its simply.....YUMMY!
Sorry couldn't resist a lil twirl :-) 
The FIT: 
Coat: ASOS Fit and Flare, Available HERE dolls for less then 100 bucks!
Black Jeans: GAP
Heels: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara
Shades: Gucci

Also check out more gorgeous coats I left behind HERE and HERE....I had to practice some self control and stop at 3 but might go back for them if they're still around at their end of season sale. *Fingers Crossed*


  1. Love this coat! I've been intending to add a full-skirt coat to my wardrobe.

  2. That coat is so cute. I know the coat that you are talking about from J.Crew. I want that one too. I just don't want to fork over all that money. A great fitted coat is an investment tho.

  3. Loving it!!! That coat is so bomb.. I was just on ASOS yesterday checking that out.. hmmmmmm

  4. beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllll coat!

  5. I love this coat! So cute. You look fabulous!

  6. Yesssss Honey!!! Definitely Yummy!!!! I love the twirl, LOL!!!

    7eventh Letter

  7. LOVE that coat! Classic and super fly!

  8. it IS a pretty yummy coat, no lie


  9. you look great, what lippie are you wearing?

  10. ASOS really does stock up on some fabulous AFFORDABLE coats. A shame I haven't bought one yet. Will probably get into a jacket this Spring season. Meanwhile, very cute coat you have on. It being a swing coat does give it a bit of oomph.

    It was nice meeting you ever so briefly at Jen's birthday dinner. I said you looked familiar because I knew of your blog. Come to find out, I actually follow your blog, too! I guess that's what happens when I follow so many blogs.

  11. That coat is fab! Looking good girl.


  12. It has a full skirt- need I say more? LUV! Good to see you getting on well in your new home!


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