Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fellow Veterans.....I Salute You

Hello Loves and Happy Veterans Day! For those of you new to my blog, allow me to re-introduce myself ;-) Hi, I am Airmen Naja Diamond USAF 2002-2008. I take this day to salute my fellow veterans and honor our Active Duty and Reserve military members. Words cannot express how PROUD I am to be amongst the 7 percent of Americans who donned a uniform to keep this great U.S of A a free nation. I proudly served 6 years in the US Air Force which included a 4 month tour in Iraq and I wanted to take this time to salute all members of the military and thank them for their service. I separated in 2008 and there is not one day that goes by that I don't speak to or interact with someone that I served with in the military. Some of my best friends, HERE and HERE are members of the military. It is a family you are honored into and membership that never truly expires. Once family, always family. On this this day, I take the time to salute members of my family. Happy Veterans Day my loves, you ROCK!
My idea of getting pretty, lol, I curled my hair that day...I think it was my birthday actually, lol! Dolls, I knew nothing about weave back then :-0
Just chillin wit da homies :-D
Climbing on tanks and, such a tomboy!
Just a lil Iraq humor.....lmao, but I was dead serious thou. 
What we did for fun, volleyball! Oh and check out the cool shades :-/  Them UV rays over there are no joke ya'll! 
I worked in a career field with probably 80% men, layin concrete was no biggie. 
Let me paint this picture for you. It was probably about 125 degrees in this picture.  #NoJoke
Always smilin :-)
Always.....especially on the way home. That's that USA bound smile :-) 
Time to get the party started.....Homeward Bound! We worked HARD and played HARD too loves! 


  1. we truly thank you for your time and service! its always great to see a females point of view!


    1. My pleasure doll! Thanks for the Vet Day love!

  2. Wow! You are so pretty, then and now! You smile is beautiful. Keep smiling! Thanks for serving :)

    1. Awww thanks so much! I'm too blessed to be stressed, I literally can't help but to smile :-)

  3. Happy Veterans day!! :)


  4. Oh wow Terry, how about that! Who knew you were my brother in arms all this time! Yes, I'm familiar with the attack on Khobar Towers, very sad but glad you came home safe.

    Saluting you dear and Happy Veterans Day to you!

  5. Happy Veterans Day! Thanks for your time and service to keep our country safe love! Love and respect always!

  6. Thanks for your service and sacrifice.

  7. Happy Veterans Day!!! Thank you for serving our country!!!


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