Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey dolls, Happy Monday hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday with the fam. I had a great time and to think, I almost didn't go home. Every single year I'm reminded how thankful and blessed I truly am. Thanksgiving is over but I am thankful each and every day. Here are just a few things I am currently thankful for.
1. Family, the good, the bad, the ugly......I LOVE them. 
2. My Health, it is a privilege not to be taken advantage of for sure.
3. The Dutchess, she is the sweetest pup on the planet...hands down! 
4. Online Shopping, my patience for crowds and malls have grown thin with age. 
5. Spanx, they are my lifeline, without them I am nothing LOL
6. Friends, not many of us have them, I do and I cherish them. 
7. Blogging, its my new drug.....I'm addicted. 
8. Having a kind heart, I genuinely care about people and thankful that hasn't changed thru the mess. 
9. My life, despite the ups and downs overall its pretty awesome. 
10. You! My lovely Diamond Dolls that have and continue to support my blog. You dolls rock and I am truly thankful for you! 
Quick and simple holiday makeup :-D
My princess and lil super hero! 
The FIT:
Shirt: Zara, lovin this ONE
Faux Leather Leggings: Nordstrom, SIMILAR
Heels: H by Halston, obsessed with THESE
Bag: Gifted from my girl StyleIsShe HERE
Collar: H&M (recent), also cute!
Watch: Fossil, on my wish LIST
Curse my crooked collar in these photos. lol 
My lil giblets, Jada and Jahleel. I am always showered with hugs & kisses from these two when I go home :-) I'm a lucky, lucky gal!


  1. Love this look! You look gorge doll and love the mixing of the prints with the bag!


  2. love love love love love love love!

    prayers up for you hun.. please keep me in the loop!

  3. love ur outfit and nice little family !!

  4. LOL at spanx, but so true, they are life savers. That blouse is so pretty. I have been looking for the perfect floral blouse for decades now LOL. Come visit me sometime.

  5. Loved your thankful fors. You look great! That blouse is everything, your collar too.

    You've inspired my latest post, would love if you checked it out. :)

  6. Love this list of what you're thankful for! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. So glad I found yours! xo, Julie


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