Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Talk Hair

For all you dolls who have questions on my hair like what kind it is, what kind of install, how I maintain it etc. Check out my latest videos below!

Hair installed and styled by Fela Robinson, go check her out if your in the area and tell her I sent you! 
Love ya dolls!! Thank you for visiting today and for your continued support!! *Kisses*


  1. i must check her out. she is right in the area i usually travel a bit of a distance for my hairstylist.

  2. Now I know the secret behind your always perfect hair :) I'm definitely going to try & pin curl my hair for some extra volume, thanks for this great tutorial!!

  3. So, I definitely just saw this the other day, tried it last night and took out the pins this morning. IT WORKS! Definitely gave my *ahem* hair some new life.

  4. I loved your video! Great job! Btw, what's the name and color lipstick you have on in the last pic? It's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks again!

  5. Your makeup is always gorgeous!


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