Thursday, August 18, 2016

My current wardrobe dilemma: I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR

These photos are NOT recent but the most simple of simple looks have been my uniform for the past 9 months! Uggh

Ok, I know we all say that while staring at a closet FULL of clothes. What we are really saying is I have nothing I WANT to wear. Yeah, that was me before my last move. Me all day long. Not now. Now, I mean it. After moving from an 1300 sq ft space to 541 sq ft, I needed to downsize. A purge was necessary. So purge I did. 

Then I moved to my house and felt an overwhelming urge to get rid of more of the old and bring in the new, brand new! New house, new furniture, new me, new wardrobe. LOL, hmmm yeah ok! I thought that was what I wanted until my booski Courtney came to visit. Man. He basically veto’d every single thing in my closet and left me with NOTHING. 5 FULL trash bags later, I seriously have NO clothes ya'll. Then I had the bright idea to NOT shop until I lost all the weight I had gained the last 6 months. 

Well how’s that working out for ya Naja?

Hmmm let’s see, I basically live in work clothes and workout clothes, exclusively. Yes, that is all I have that fits me. I have nothing in my closet that tells an amazing story, nothing that makes me happy, nothing that inspires me or makes me feel beautiful. Sigh. So I say again…..I have nothing to wear! But we’re going to change that and soon. 

I’m taking a different approach to shopping these days. A more intentional and well planned process for cultivating a LIFE wardrobe I’m in love with. 

Here are my 5 tips to do just that.
  1. Think about it. NO more impulse buys or duplicates. Know what you have and spend time to think about each purchase. Sleep on it if you have to.
  2. Quality over Quantity. You don’t need 10 basic and cheap quality white button ups. You need one amazing one that will last you for years to come.
  3. Start with the basics. You need to have a strong foundation people, period. Invest in good undergarments, jeans, blazers, simple jewelry...etc.
  4. Buy what you love. Like really LOVE. If you see it and it doesn’t bring you joy. Leave it. 
  5. Do you. Ignore the trends and allow yourself to shop what you genuinely like and looks good on YOU. You don’t owe off the shoulder tops NOTHING if you’re built like a linebacker. Leave that iiiish where it’s at. 
  6. BONUS TIP: Set a budget. Like carve it out and plan for it. Don’t go broke for this but be realistic with yourself. Once you invest you won’t have to do nothing but seasonal maintenance to your wardrobe from then on. It’s worth it. 

So that’s it. My tips for building my dream wardrobe I will be following myself . What do you dolls do when you have nothing to wear. Do you regroup and start over or assess in a different way? Let me know below!


  1. Shop with a plan in mind--Decide what pieces you really need--Make sure every piece you buy coordinates with other pieces already in your closet. These rules are really helpful for me, especially if you are on a budget. This keeps me from doing random shopping.

  2. Great post and tips...I died at #5. I too typically stay away from purchasing too many trendy items because you end up with a closet full of cheap, out-dated pieces once that trend has passed. My rule of thumb when shopping is if I can't wear the item three different ways, I don't purchase it because I need the most bang for my buck. The "nothing to wear" issue typically happens to me when I've gained weight and can't fit anything in my closet and at that point I just LIVE in maxi dresses and gym clothes until I shed those pounds.

  3. Ita girl I edited my closet all the way down. I dont have nearly as much as i used to. But everything in my closet i love & can wear a gazilion times, & i do lol.

  4. Great tips!! I agree...way past trying to look trendy..Timeless is my goal!

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