Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Pom Pom Tassel Sandal

Colorful. A word I would use to describe this look and my mood lately. That and tired but mostly colorful, happy and excited and when I wear these shoes my mood gets even better! These shoes make me giddy ya'll. The colorful bright pom poms make it easy to see why this was one of this summer hottest trends. When I spotted these beauties on I knew I had to have them. Paired with anything white and festive and they truly pop.

I mentioned in THIS post that I'm only adding items to my wardrobe that make me happy and these do exactly that. I have to get just a few more wears out of these beauties before I trade them in for booties and snow shoes :-(

What are some of your favorite pieces you're going to be sad to put away this summer?

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  1. Daym I missed that beautiful face and those sexy legs of yours. Lookin good! x x x ;)


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