Monday, August 22, 2016

6 Beauty Products for Summer Stay All Day Makeup

So summer is here in full force and if you're like me you’re struggling trying to keep your makeup in place. I spend a lot of time in Arkansas for word, like A LOT of time.

Hot, Humid and Muggy Arkansas. 

It’s humid in DC but that Arkansas heat is just different. I’ve literally left work and looked in the mirror just to look like I can fry chicken on my forehead. It was gross. Here are a few products I love and count on to keep my face flawless. Now to keep my edges laid......Uggh, that's another story! SMH
  1. Oil Cleanser, this is a good one
  2. Murad Oil Mattifier Lotion w/SPF
  3. Makeup Forever  Step 1 Primer
  4. Laura Mercier Setting Powder (OMG! This stuff is AMAZING)
  5. Urban Decay Setting Spray
  6. Blotterazzi Beauty Blender Sponge



  1. Love the Murad line!

  2. I am just curious though how much you sweat. I walk outside and my makeup instantly just melts off my face within minutes yet I see women whose makeup doesn't move no matter what and I don't understand how. I use primer, Sacha setting powder and UD setting spray but I still sweat and my makeup still melts. Please tell me you are a sweater and these products stop all that so I can rush out and buy them?

  3. These photographs are incredible! absolutely cool!

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